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The Argument for Java 8

Java 8 came out early last year—and Java 7 is now end of life—making Java 8 the only Oracle-supported option until Java 9 comes out at the end of next year. However, since organizations value stability over trendiness, many of us are still working with Java 7, or even 6. Let’s look at some features of Java 8, and provide some arguments to persuade your organization to upgrade.

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Angular & Redux = Perfection?

Whether your a beginner or seasoned user of Redux this article has something for you. Read on to learn about Redux and how to integrate it into your Angular application

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Thin Clients and the Future

Web application architecture has changed a lot in past decade. Read on to see what these changes mean for you we applications.

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Using the TDD Approach in MVC

The use of MVC, or the Model-View-Controller pattern, enables Test Driven Development. Here is one way to create an MVC app and test cases using TDD.

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Choosing a Serverless Architecture

It's a developers dream to be able to simply write and deploy code, which serverless allows, but beware limitations for tooling, fees, and security functionality.

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