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Device Fragmentation and Testing

The landscape of mobile devices and operating systems is rapidly evolving. Market fragmentation is a growing problem for mobile application developers. Varying screen sizes, new device types, and updated operating systems are constantly being introduced to the market.

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Five Myths of Web Application Security

The first step to improved web application security is to clear up the most common misconceptions about the practice. Check out this quick list of web app security myths, and avoid traveling down the same path.

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Antipatterns in Enterprise Agile

What is an antipattern? It's a pattern that you think will improve things, but actually, it does the opposite. It makes things worse. Sometimes this is visible and sometimes it isn't. The following is a list of antipatterns that I have observed in recent projects.

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The Slugagile Approach

So this will be an awkward post. However, we are approaching the new year, and it's time to take a long hard look at what we bring to an Agile Approach.

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Graduating to Umbraco v7

If you have been working on Umbraco version 6 for the past few years, then you might be a little nervous about the transition to version 7. But let me tell you that this latest version 7.2 has been completely redesigned with particular focus on content editors and allowing them to access the functions more easily so that they are able to manage the site with minimum efforts.

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Why Your Designer Sucks

Ask anyone on LinkedIn and they will all claim to be expert designers. Let me help you define the necessary skills.

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